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Intergrating Research and Restoration

The Mulligans Flat–Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment is a partnership between The Australian National University, the ACT Government and the James Cook University. The aim of the project is to find ways of improving box-gum grassy woodland for biodiversity. more


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Exciting new PhD Opportunities

The Mulligans Flat - Goorooyarroo Woodland Experiment has 2 exciting new PhDs on offer. See here to find out more.

Eastern Quoll

Eastern Quoll Reintroduction into Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary

An article in the Hobart Mercury about reintroducing Eastern Quolls (Dasyurus viverrinus) as the next stage in restoring an endangered ecosystem at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary. Find out more

Carrion breakdown over time

Carrion Research at Mulligans Flat Sanctuary

Some recent research carried out Mulligans Flat Sanctuary monitored the decomposition of kangaroo carcasses over a 12 month period and found some interesting results. Find out more

Amazing but overlooked bettongs: the case for Australia’s small hopper

A very good article published by Mongabay, an environmental science and conservation news and information website, on the bettong in Australia. Read article here


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